Launching “3-LAYERS” in the Jordanian Market

“3-LAYERS” brands have been recently launched by “Strata Solutions” company in the Jordanian market in a big ceremony accompanied by a strong media presence along with some experts and specialists, where the event was done on the 15th of October. A press conference was conducted during the ceremony of “3-LAYERS”, to discuss more about the new brands with all the benefits they offer for both genders and different age groups.

 “3-LAYERS” range of products is specially developed to prevent the aging and improving the appearance of the skin and hair, where these products go beyond adorning the skin and hair, they improve their functioning by maintaining keratin structure in good condition and making the skin and hair healthier.

Three different products for “3-LAYERS” are now available in Jordan:

  • Anti-Wrinkle facial emulgel
  • Body Anti-Aging emulgel
  • Anti-Hair Loss lotion

“3-LAYERS” is introduced now to the Jordanian market and is locally manufactured in order to be marketed in all the nearby countries including Lebanon, Iraq and the GCC.

Strata solutions is a company based in USA and specialized in developing and marketing unique cosmeceuticals; cosmetics made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and drug-like benefits.